Call for Submissions: Favourite Memories Zine

Hello! This is a call for submissions for the upcoming Remember: 100 Favourite Memories Compilation Zine.

In a nutshell, Remember: 100 Favourite Memories asks the simple question - What is your favourite memory? Was it the first time you held your child? That Saturday when you slept in while it snowed outside? The road trip on the Great Ocean Road with your university friends?

Share your favourite memory now:
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Enough already: Let's make a movie.

Hey folks! I got back from another year volunteering at Sundance film festival and I need to stop screwing around and make a film. This needs to happen. A short, maybe.

ScriptFrenzy is coming up in April- 100 pages of script in a month, no problem- but I need some folks to help me shoot and act. Getting iMovie up and running to do editing, and scoring is something I've always wanted to do, so that's all set. Before April I'd like to hold some brainstorming meetings, see what resources are available, etc.

Anyway, if you're in the DMV and want to get in on this, I WOULD LOVE SOME HELP. Comments?
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No takers?

So far there's only been one response to the sign-up post from a couple of days ago (here). Given that it has been a rather partyish time, I'll leave it open for another twelve hours (till 09:00 tomorrow morning my time, GMT +8 ). If you'd like to take part, just head over to the original post and sign up there.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you have a great 2012.
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As 2011 draws to a close ...

... the burning question is, 'Are you feeling creative, punk?' (to misquote a famous person ;) ).

If so, the January 2012 round of 2xcreative is for you!

As always, here's how it works:

- You put your name in the hat by commenting on this post (people without LJ accounts, please make sure to leave an email address!).
- After sign-ups are closed, I get all the names together and perform a feat of randomisation in order to produce a list of pairs, which I post here on the comm.
- You and your partner get in touch with each other to cook up a collaborative creative project, which you will have a month to complete.
- At the end of the month/beginning of next month, you and your partner come back to the comm to show us what you've made.

Sound cool? Okay, go to it! I'll leave the sign-up post open until Saturday 31 December, 21:00 my time (GMT+8 this time, because I am on holiday in Australia :D )).

One thing though - PLEASE only sign up if you intend to follow through on the project. There have been a few occasions where people's partners have not showed up. This is a big disappointment, so please, don't do that. Naturally, this doesn't include unexpected occurrences of Real Life, but if something comes up that makes it impossible for you to continue, please let your partner know as promptly as possible. Thanks!

One more thing: If you'd like to spread the news of the latest 2xcreative sign-ups, you can do so by clicking on the button below and sharing this post on your own journal.

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I hear you.
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Don't hibernate, create!

Not sure if this qualifies for this comm, but just in case, I wanted to invite folks to join in on a series of holiday-themed original writing and art events over at pulped_fictions. Winterval is the perfect way to decompress from the holidays, family, gift-buying, etc. It starts today and runs through February 29th- long enough to get you through the winter doldrums.

Join and you'll get sorted into a team for the event. Folks encourage each other, collaborate on some of the projects, and generally have a good time. All are welcome!

Click to join!
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October 2xcreative project -- ariestess' reaction

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Crazy RL issues [including a lingering illness and a big craft show] and intermittent internet kind of conspired against me getting this posted up in a far more timely manner.

Just a quick clarification FYI :: There are no links to 's images just yet. I will update them as soon as I know where she's got the images up. All of teganwl's images can be seen in this entry.

For October, I was paired up with teganwl. We decided to do another round of poetry and imagery, each of us creating something initially to send to the other for further inspiration. We didn't really decide on a theme this time around, which ended up being a good thing, as I let the lovely Pacific Northwest weather inspire me…

Collapse )

Collapse )

This entire project was actually quite fun to do. I got five new poems out of it, which always makes me very happy. And the images and graphics that teganwl created are absolutely gorgeous! It was a really nice collaboration between us, I think.
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Reminder for Comp. Zine Project

This is dearyouzine posting as ezrachris for call for subs to the Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends zine project.

I've previously posted here calling for subs to the rather successful compilation zine: The Perfect Day and this would be my 2nd comp. zine.

What is this about?

Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends is a compilation zine
project containing letters to people who for various reasons, are not in
our lives anymore / are less significant.

It is inevitable that people who enter our lives, leave eventually.
Dealing with people leaving is not easy, but it is the ways some of them
leave that just make it a lot more difficult to handle. The sudden
non-talking, the disinterest, the distance, death... This could be due
to many reasons, major disagreements, moving away physically or
emotionally, breakups, differences, changes in life circumstances,
deaths and etc.

Writing letters could be a crucial part of the healing process.
Submit anonymous letters you've written to friends who were once in your life but aren't anymore / less significant.

For more information, kindly visit the project site here.

Deadline is 30th November 2011.

Thank you!

Boris rat


Hi all,

I'm guessing everyone's got their heads down in a feverish flurry of NaNoWriMo effort, because we only had one person respond for this month's project. So no 2xNovember, it seems - sorry about that! I hope you are all nevertheless engaged in many wonderful creative pursuits. Have fun!

See you at the end of the month :)