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Reminder for Comp. Zine Project
ezrachris wrote in 2xcreative
This is dearyouzine posting as ezrachris for call for subs to the Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends zine project.

I've previously posted here calling for subs to the rather successful compilation zine: The Perfect Day and this would be my 2nd comp. zine.

What is this about?

Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends is a compilation zine
project containing letters to people who for various reasons, are not in
our lives anymore / are less significant.

It is inevitable that people who enter our lives, leave eventually.
Dealing with people leaving is not easy, but it is the ways some of them
leave that just make it a lot more difficult to handle. The sudden
non-talking, the disinterest, the distance, death... This could be due
to many reasons, major disagreements, moving away physically or
emotionally, breakups, differences, changes in life circumstances,
deaths and etc.

Writing letters could be a crucial part of the healing process.
Submit anonymous letters you've written to friends who were once in your life but aren't anymore / less significant.

For more information, kindly visit the project site here.

Deadline is 30th November 2011.

Thank you!



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